Distinguished Lecturers' Talks:

  • "Automotive Radar – A Signal Processing Perspective on Current Technology and Future Systems", Markus Gardill, InnoSenT
  • "Advanced RF Front-End and Transceiver Systems Design Overview for Carrier Aggregation based 4G/5G Radios", Walid-Ali Ahmad, Qualcomm


SiRF Invited Speakers:

  • "SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor technology for sub-mm-wave electronics - State-of-the-art and future prospects", Micheal Schroeter, TU Dresden & UC San Diego
  • "RF Silicon Photonics for Wideband, High Dynamic Range Microwave and Millimeter-wave Signal Processing", James Buckwalter, UC Santa Barbara
  • "Sub-THz Interconnect for Planar Chip-to-Chip Communications", Qun Jane Gu, UC Davis


PAWR Invited Speakers:

  • "High-Power High-Efficiency Broadband GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifiers for Base Station Applications", James Wong, Sumitomo Electric Europe
  • "Power Amplifier Modeling & System Analysis", John Wood, Obsidian Microwave LLC