MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting:

  • "Low Phase Noise Signal Generation utilising Oscillators, Resonators & Filters and Atomic Clocks ", Dr. Jeremy Everard, University of York
  • "Nonresonating Modes Do It Better!", Dr. Simone Bastioli, RS Microwave Company Inc.
  • "Automotive Radar - A Signal Processing Perspective on Current Technology and Future Systems", Dr. Markus Gardill, InnoSenT GmbH


Distinguished Lecturers' Talks:

  • "How to Write a Paper for IEEE Journals and Navigate the Review Process", George Ponchak, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • "Automotive Radar - A Signal Processing Perspective on Current Technology and Future Systems", Markus Gardill, InnoSenT
  • "Advanced RF Front-End and Transceiver Systems Design Overview for Carrier Aggregation based 4G/5G Radios", Walid Ali-Ahmad, Qualcomm
  • "Wireless Above 100GHz", Mark Rodwell, University of California, Santa Barbara


Plenary Talk:

  • "Private 4G/5G networks create new opportunities for industrial IoT", Mehmet Yavuz, Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.



  1. Digital Pre-Distortion and Post-Correction from DC to RF and mm-Wave towards Optical Spectrum
  2. Solid State Power Amplifiers for Space
  3. Microwaves, CubeSats, and Small Satellites


Internet of Things (IoT) Summit:

The Multi-Society IEEE Internet of Things Initiative (IoT) and the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society will be sponsoring a one and a half day 1st IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit on “Connectivity and Communications" on January 14th and 15th, 2018. The Summit is a call to action for those interested in the science, engineering and deployment of wireless systems, components, products and services. The theme is “Indispensable Wireless Connectivity” and characterizes the essential role that wireless systems play in making IoT a reality. The goal of the IEEE Initiative is to advance and nurture the adoption of IoT for the benefit of society. The Summit is an opportunity to participate with your colleagues in sharing experiences and knowledge about IoT and where wireless systems, components and technologies can solve the challenges posed by the wide range of IoT applications and requirements. Join with recognized pioneers, leaders and experts in Wireless Technologies and IoT from the Commercial world, academia and government for the exciting program of presentations, panels and working group discussions. Please visit for up to date information on the event.


PAWR Panel Session:

  • "HBT modeling for RFPAs", Pete Zampardi, Qorvo
  • "High-Power High-Efficiency Broad­band GaN HEMT Amplifiers", Chuck Campbell, Qorvo
  • "MillimeterWave Technology and IC Design", Chip Moyer, HRL
  • "Power Amplifier Modeling & System Analysis", John Wood, Obsidian Microwave LLC


Young Professionals Forum and Networking Event:

The IEEE Young Professionals is an international community of innovative members and volunteers. Members of this community are interested in elevating their professional image, expanding their global network, connecting with peers locally and giving back to the community. At Radio Wireless Week 2018, the IEEE Young Professionals will host an interactive forum and networking event for professionals in microwaves with four panel speakers from industry and government research. The discussion will be focused on the growing trends in microwave technology (5g wireless technology, IoT and government research) and how microwave professionals and graduating students can position themselves to excel in the current job market. Each panel speaker will give a 10min presentation (40mins total) and then the panel will be open for interactive discussion and networking. The presentations will be focused on the growing technology trends at their respective organization and what qualifications they look for in hiring engineers. The interactive discussion will be an opportunity for the audience to field questions to the panel on the presented topics or other questions related to their companies. The panel session will be followed by food, drinks and opportunity for networking.


Demo Track:

  1. Ultra-Low-Power Monostatic Short Range Radar System for High Resolution Target Detection
  2. Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) and Communication System


Student Paper Contest:

23 finalists from around the world will present in the Student Paper Competition at RWW2018.