We created this page to present some of the featured activities at Radio and Wireless Week 2020 (RWW2020) to help attendees get the most out of their time in San Antonio.


MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting:

  • "What is my measurement equipment actually doing? Implications for 5G, mmwave and related applications", Dr. Jon Martens, Anritsu
  • "Microwaving a Biological Cell Alive ‒ Broadband Label-free Noninvasive Electrical Characterization of a Live Cell", Dr. James C. M. Hwang, Cornell University
  • "Millimeter-­Wave GaN Power: The Technology to Power 5G and the Future", Dr. James Schellenberg, Retired
  • "Chip-Scale Wave-Matter Interactions at RF-to-Light Frequencies: Circuits, Systems and Applications", Dr. Ruonan Han, MIT


Plenary Talks:

  • "Automotive Applications for mmWave", Jamie Smith, Director of Transportation Research and Design, National Instruments
  • " Overview of ESA GaN component development activities and heritage gained through early in-orbit-demonstration", A R Barnes, European Space Agency, ECSAT, Harwell, UK


Distinguished Lecturers' Talks:

Each year on Monday morning, RWW has traditionally devoted two sessions to Distinguished Lectures by experts in the Radio and Wireless Community. RWW2020 will be no different. Currently, the following individuals have been confirmed as Distinguished Lecturers.

  • "Shattering the Fundamental Barriers in Realization of End-to-End Ultrahigh Data-Rate Transceivers: Direct (De-) Modulation in RF Domain", Payam Heydari, Univ of California, Irvine
  • "The Future in Space:  Connected, Small and Cooperative?", Klaus Schilling, President, Center for Telematics, Würzburg, Germany
  • "Microwaving a Biological Cell Alive ‒ Broadband Label-free Noninvasive Electrical Characterization of a Live Cell", James C. M. Hwang, Cornell University
  • "What Is My Measurement Equipment Actually Doing? Implications for 5G, mmWave and Related Applications", Jon Martens, Anritsu



As in previous years, RWW2020 is pleased to offer a series of workshops that feature presentations by the preeminent technologists in the field, explaining current and future technologies. All workshops are half-day workshops, meeting on Sunday afternoon 26 January 2020 from 13:30-17:30

  1. Recent Progress on Integrated Doherty Amplifiers
  2. Solid State Power Amplification for Space-Borne Systems
  3. Advances in SiGe BiCMOS and RF-CMOS Frontend Technologies
  4. Machine Learning and Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for RF Components and Systems: from Modeling to Linearization

ARFTG/SiRF joint workshop on Wednesday, January 29, 8:00am - 12:00pm

  • Advanced Measurements for RF Silicon


The Internet of Things (IoT) and the mmWave Frontier Summit:

The 3rd IoT Vertical and Topical Summit will be held January 26 -27, 2020 as part of RWW2020 in San Antonio, Texas. The one and a half day Summit will address the important role that mmWaves play in the IoT ecosystem. The choice of the theme, “IoT and the mmWave Frontier”, is motivated by increases in deployment and the regulatory attention paid to new allocations of licensed and unlicensed mmWave spectrum.

The Summit is designed to foster dialogue amongst professionals from industry, the public sector, and the research community. Participants will gather in a highly interactive setting to explore mmWave solutions— from 30GHz to 300GHz as well as the adjacent spectrum from 6GHz to 30GHz and 300GHz to 1,000GHz— and applications for IoT, with a focus on the opportunities and challenges for adoption. This includes electromagnetic-waves used as a technology for: (i) Communications; (ii) Sensors; and (iii) Manufacturing/Industrial Processes.


RWS 5G Special Session + 10 minutes Panel:

  • "Modular Concepts for Practical Massive MIMO Implementations", Dr. Thomas Wirth, Dr. Thomas Haustein, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
  • "5G NR Release 16 and Millimeter Wave Integrated Access and Backhaul", Dr. Takao Inoue, National Instruments
  • "Wideband Power Amplifier Linearizability Challenges for mMIMO Applications,", Dr. Abdulrhman Ahmed, Wolfspeed


Invited Talks:


  • "Multi-RAT multi-connectivity active steering antenna technology for IoT, Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G", Dr. Shih-Chieh Hsin, AVX Antenna
  • "Siliconization of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC): The possibilities are infinite…", Prof. Debasis Dawn, University of Washington Tacoma
  • "A 16-Element Phased-Array Transceiver in 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS for Fixed Wireless Access Covering the Full 57-71 GHz Band", Alex Tomkins, Peraso Technologies
  • "3D Printing of Complex, High-Performance Millimeter-Wave Components", Prof. David Ricketts, North Carolina State Univeristy


  • "Wideband and efficient power amplifiers - The Distributed Efficient Power Amplifier (DEPA)", Dr. David Gustafsson, Ericsson, Sweden
  • "Linearization Considerations for 5G Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers", Prof. Peter Asbeck, UCSD, USA
  • "A Perspective on Linearization and Digital Pre-Distortion for Wireless Radio Systems", Dr. Kevin Chuang, Nanosemi, USA


Student Paper Contest:

19 finalists from around the world will present in the Student Paper Competition at RWW2020.


SHaRC2020 Special Session IEEE MTT-Sat Challenge on Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 3:45pm - 5:20pm

The MTT-Sat Challenge is a worldwide competition for teams of undergraduate and graduate students to design and build radio frequency (RF) and microwave hardware for small satellites. The main goal of the MTT-Sat Challenge is to advance space RF and microwave education, inspire students to pursue science and engineering education and careers, and prepare tomorrow's leaders with the interdisciplinary teamwork skills, which are necessary for success. In this special session, RF and microwave experts will give an insight in RF and microwave space engineering in general and in the field of cubesats in particular.