Distinguished Lecturers' Talks:

  • "Automotive Radar – A Signal Processing Perspective on Current Technology and Future Systems", Markus Gardill, InnoSenT
  • "Advanced RF Front-End and Transceiver Systems Design Overview for Carrier Aggregation based 4G/5G Radios", Walid-Ali Ahmad, Qualcomm



  1. Digital Pre-Distortion and Post-Correction from DC to RF and mm-Wave towards Optical Spectrum
  2. Solid State Power Amplifiers for Space
  3. Microwaves, CubeSats, and Small Satellites


Internet of Things (IoT) Summit:

The Multi-Society IEEE Internet of Things Initiative (IoT) and the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society will be sponsoring a one and a half day Summit on “Connectivity and Communications" on January 14th and 15th, 2018. The Summit is a call to action for those interested in the science, engineering, and deployment of wireless system, components, products, and services. We look forward to a balanced participation from industry, the public sector, and the research community at the event. Join with recognized pioneers, leaders and experts in Wireless Technologies and IoT from the Commercial World, Academia, and Government, for the exiting program of presentations, panels, and working group discussions.


SiRF Invited Speakers:

  • "SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor technology for sub-mm-wave electronics - State-of-the-art and future prospects", Micheal Schroeter, TU Dresden & UC San Diego
  • "RF Silicon Photonics for Wideband, High Dynamic Range Microwave and Millimeter-wave Signal Processing", James Buckwalter, UC Santa Barbara
  • "Sub-THz Interconnect for Planar Chip-to-Chip Communications", Qun Jane Gu, UC Davis


PAWR Invited Speakers:

  • "High-Power High-Efficiency Broadband GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifiers for Base Station Applications", James Wong, Sumitomo Electric Europe
  • "Power Amplifier Modeling & System Analysis", John Wood, Obsidian Microwave LLC