PAWR Panel Session

Warming up to GaN in 5G power amplifier applications

5G has reignited a race amongst competing semiconductor technologies for inclusion in next-generation amplifiers, among which gallium nitride (GaN) is a major contender due its high power and temperature handling capabilities. However, since the incumbent technology for 4G systems has been silicon LDMOS, it is hard to believe that the manufacturers that have made the large investment in this very successful technology platform will just walk away from the 5G opportunities, especially at frequencies below 6.0 GHz. As the 5G frequency bands move into mmW frequency realm including massive MIMO/phased array solutions, traditional GaAs based PA’s and SiGe BiCMOS have the possibly of providing competitive solutions. The future trends on technology and PA designs given the new 5G requirements and challenges in order to achieve the goals of power, efficiency, linearity and bandwidth will be debated at this panel session.


Date and time: 7 PM – 8:30 PM, Monday, January 21, 2019

Panel Moderator: Neil Braithwaite, Consultant.



MISO Power Amplifiers

Francesc Purroy, Huawei Sweden

High-Power High-Efficiency GaN HEMT Amplifiers

Paolo Colantonio, Univ. di Roma Tor Vergata

Industrialized GaN-on-Silicon

Timothy Boles, MACOM

GaN on Si Technology for 5G

Charles Edoua, OMMIC